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The Preachers Bootcamp

Preachers Bootcamp Group.JPG

Participants from the 2019 Preachers Bootcamp

Inspired by Dr. Pulley's most recent text, The Development of a Preacher,  this spiritual intensive provides an in depth study and application of preaching.

The intensive is not just for those who desire to preach, but for anyone who as a desire to grow spiritually!


Keep an eye out for our next Bootcamp Session! 

"What a fantastic experience, with an incredible group of ministers and ministers in training. The Preacher’s Bootcamp guided me to my personal style of writing and delivery of my sermons, in just two days. As an Elder, I highly recommend this bootcamp to aspiring, new and seasoned ministers. This bootcamp works for anyone that does public speaking as well! Thank you Dr. Doral R Pulley, for sharing your personal experience as a preacher with the world."

- Elder Cheri Makeda

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