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Identity Statement and Daily Affirmations

"I AM a son of God. I AM made in the image of God.

I AM made in the likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-28)."

Everything that Jesus Christ was, I AM.

I AM Savior.

I AM Christ.

I AM Lord.

I AM King.

I AM god.


Everything that Jesus Christ said about himself, I can say about myself.

I AM the bread of life.

I AM the living water.

I AM the light of the world.

I AM the salt of the earth.

I AM the true vine

I AM the way. I AM the truth. I  AM the life.

I AM the door.

I AM the Good Shepherd.

I AM the resurrection and the life.


Everything that Jesus Christ did, I can do and even greater works (John 14:12).

I can preach with power.

I can teach with authority.

I can heal the sick.

I can raise the dead.

I can cast out devils which are negative influences.

I can change the atmosphere.

I can empower the blind to see.

I can empower the deaf to hear.

I can empower the dumb to speak.

I can empower the lame to walk.

I can cleanse the lepers/those with seemingly incurable diseases.

I can forgive sins.

I can feed the multitudes naturally and spiritually.

I can turn water into wine.

I can walk on water.

I can speak to the elements of nature and they obey my voice.

I can speak those things which be not as though they were until they are.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I AM a powerful preacher.

I AM a talented teacher.

I AM a wonderful writer.

I AM an excellent establishmentarian.

I AM a positive people developer who lives a holistically, healthy, balanced and well-rounded life.


There is a multi-million dollar life changing WORD in my mind, in my mouth and in my hands.

There are multi-million ideas in my mind and I have the creativity in my heart to bring them into manifestation.


It is changing millions of lives and impacting thousands of communities for the good.


It is bringing millions of dollars to me, to my family and all those who are connected to me.

God promised me the I.N.C.R.E.A.S.E. of the 5, the 50, the 500, the 5000 and the Miracle Buildings. Regardless of circumstances and appearances, God is not a liar.


It is so and so it is!

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